Shuhou Sakurai

Workman, cover design and make, repair part.

1972: Born in Saitama.

1990: Graduated Kawagoe Industrial High School.

After graduating high school, he experienced many different jobs, i.e. working for a car company, consumer electronics sales, part time job at ski resort.etc.

1992: Started to study the making of the flute.

1997: Joined Tatsuo Kaneshita’s theatrical workshop ”Zin-no-Totou”.

1998: Organized the modern theatrical unit “FRAGILE” and covered the direction part.

2002: Left “FRAGILE”.

2005: Joined Oriza Hirata’s theatrical unit “SEINENDAN”.

2006: Organized the drama “Changing Room”

2010-: Executive of Sakurai Flute.


Before Shuhou’s born days, he listened to Rampal. During childhood, he had a file and played around with shaving pieces of flute. Until he was twenty years old, Shuhou had various experiences which afterwards he faced making the flute. When he was 25 years old, he was interested in theater and joined Tatsuo Kaneshita’s theatrical workshop ”Zin-no-Totou” as an actor. One year later, Shuhou debuted the theater “DONZOKO” and organized the modern theatrical unit “FRAGILE” with Kiyoshi Kosato, Yosuke Watanabe. He covered the direction part for “Yoshin” ”HARU to SHURABA” and others. He left “FRAGILE” in 2002. At the same time with his theatrical work, he continued making flutes and visited Switzerland, Germany and Austria. He communicated and studied with a local flute player and maker. He also held many workshops in instrument making. His organized the drama “Changing Room” as a member of Seinendan, it came up for the whole theatrical field. After getting married, he moved to Oiso in Kanagawa prefecture and opened Shonan Atelier. His is now executive of Sakurai Flute.


Hobby: Surfing