Wooden Flute



C foot joint \3,675,000

H foot joint \3,990,000


Ivory tone holes \52,500

E mechanism \73,500

C# Trill Key \60,000

Moraceae. Piratinera guianensis. Specific gravity: 1.3. Country of origin:Brazil (Amazon).

A typical use as a stick, it was said as the best fashionable luxury was a "snakewood of stick with hat" for the gentleman in the Taisho era. It is also known as the best material as a bow of the Baroque violin. It is a very stiff and heavy material, and can withstand bending processing. It holds the highest value of wood and is one of a very rare material. Often it is asked "What kind of sound?”, but it is difficult to answer for snakewood. It is a special instrument that can not be compared with ebony or metal tube.

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