Wooden Flute



C foot joint \997,500

H foot joint \1,123,500


Ivory tone holes \52,500

E mechanism \73,500

C# Trill Key \60,000


Diospyros celebica,Diospyros insingnis.

Specific gravity:1.0 to 1.2.

Country of origin:Indonesia, Thailand, Laos etc.

Ebony has been used in many instruments in the past. It is used in wind, black keys of cembalo, violin fingerboard.

It is also used in golf club heads and billiard cue because it is highly resilient. The elasticity is a very important element which has affected both tone and sound. Ebony being produced today is a material which was obtained in the 1970s. When Koichiro became independent he had the passion, "I will eventually make a woodwind flute". Then he traveled to get this material to Indonesia. We have a special feeling toward this material.

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