Metal Flute

[All body:German Silver (Ni+Cu+Zn) with Silver Plated
Head joint:Sterling Silver]


C foot joint \302,400

H foot joint \354,900


E Mechanism \52,500

Just because it is a German silver one, we've never scamp our work. This processing is harder than silver, and the time will take more than double. The cost does not fit, yet why do I produce. Where there is a strong belief to us, I think, the German silver flute image looks ideal for beginners and the price is easy for both teenager and beginners. I want a good sound with a good instrument to such people. I sincerely want you thinking, "What a good instrument flute is." The first flute is also likely to influence rest of your life. We have thought the German silver flute as a “life line".

Recently, the mainstream of German silver includes Cu and Ni “ cupronickel”, but we have learned its predecessors produced by German silver contains Zn. Compared to cupronickel, the German silver one has the softness and bright tone. Of course, specifications are handmade soldered tone hole.

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