Metal Flute

[All Silver with Silver plated]


C foot joint \792,750

H foot joint \897,750


E Mechanism \73,500

C# Trill Key \60,000

The all silver flute is a special case for people who play the flute. Players who select the all silver, most likely select it in order to expand the width and depth of expression. Yet of the noble metals, various research has also been made as the material of the flute, general sterling silver (Ag92.5%) , coin silver (Ag90.0%), and a variety of formulations has been created, just now. There is a decent reason that predecessors chose silver as a material for flute, when they have produced a wooden flute. Silver is the most friendly of metal with flutes. To produce an all silver flute has a very important sense. We have improved our skill to produce a German silver flute, it took 10 years until the total charge of the production of an all silver one from Koichiro. The all silver flute is the "culmination" of us.


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