Wooden Flute



C foot joint \997,500

H foot joint \1,123,500


Ivory tone holes \52,500

E mechanism \73,500

C# Trill Key \60,000

Leguminosae. Dalbergia cearensis. Specific gravity: 1.1~1.2. Country of origin:Brazil.

We started the production of the wooded flute with ebony, we also feel strongly the importance of learning from the Traverso and Period instruments. In those days, flutes were produced in a wide variety of material, each one having its own character. When we were looking for the materials other than Ebony like its predecessors, we got Kingwood for prototype production from a lumber merchant.

We felt the spread and bright sound makes it different from Ebony and thought, "I would like to work with Kingwood more". When we asked about this material, the lumber merchant said, "There is one workshop which produces a rosary in Tokushima, they stock a lot of Kingwood.” Koichiro and the lumber merchant went there after a few days.

The diameter of the wood is 50cm, so the lumber merchant said, "It’s the best one, in the future this will not be found". End of negotiations, we got as far as possible separately.

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