Kiyoaki Sakurai

Workman, cover repair part

1949: Born in Kagoshima. Since childhood he has played with fishing all the time, and wanted to be a fisherman.

1964: Moved to Tokyo. Studied making flute under his older brother, Koichiro.


Since childhood, he was good at singing, and sang in front of people day after day. When he was a junior high school student, Koichiro said to him, ”Which do you want to be: a fisherman or a flute maker?”, and he answered, “I want to be a flute maker.” Then after graduating high school, Kiyoaki moved to Tokyo. His first flute concert was by J.P. Rampal (It was the first concert for Rampal in Japan.) After the concert, he went to visit Rampal with Koichiro to show the GS flute made by Koichiro. Rampal said, “It’s a beautiful flute” and played their flute. Kiyoaki has never forgotten that sound. It made a strong impression on him. After that day, his flute life began.


Hobby: Growing orchids and roses. Latte art