Wooden Flute

Black Ebony


C foot joint \1,260,000

H foot joint \1,470,000


Ivory tone holes \52,500

E mechanism \73,500

C# Trill Key \60,000

Diospyros ebenum. Specific gravity: more than 1.2. Country of origin:SriLanka.

Ebenaceae has about 400 species, the species called “Black Ebony” is said to have only 10 species among them. Also, its nature is very different depending on the locality. The wood Sakurai is called “Black Ebony” from India and SriLanka. It is now a very rare material that can not be easily obtained. Eye skin has been very precise with a straight grain also, and has a heavier density than ebony. We think it’s the ultimate ebony.

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