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DuPont™ CORIAN® Flute



"DuPont™ CORIAN®" manufactured by MRC-DuPont.

It is artificial marble which has been enhanced with a high-quality mineral, the main raw material "methacrylic resin". Currently, artificial marble is used in a variety of ways, and made by many companies. The materials that made DuPont™ CORIAN® is also environmentally friendly, well balanced in all workability, and durability. There was a proposal from the flute player who while playing Sakurai requested, "Try to make the flute in artificial marble,". We immediately contacted the company MRC-Dupont. I received the offer of the material within in a few days from DuPont™, who has a strong spirit of challenge as a unique company. We decided to make this because we saw the new possibilities for a variety of colors, patterns, strength and sound. For initial processing of the "DuPont™ CORIAN®", it is made by APEX Co.

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