Koichiro Sakurai


Founder of Sakurai Flute

1932: Born in Kagoshima. Since childhood he has played the violin and creates paintings.

1950: Dropped out from Hiroshima University.

1955: Involved in flute-making at “TANE FLUTE”. Studied making flute under Masashi Tane.

1959: Independence from “TANE FLUTE” and established “Sakurai Flute.”


When he was a teenager, he wondered whether or not to be a violinist or a painter, but the other younger one was better at the violin than Koichiro, so he quit the choice “I cannot be NO1 violinist in the world”. He also quit the other choice to be a painter, because it looked difficult to make a decent income. However, he continued painting for movie signboards in Tokyo. When he was 22 years old, he had the fateful meeting with Koichi Muramatsu (Founder of Muramatsu Flute). He was inspired by Mr. Muramatsu and Koichiro thought, “I can do the same thing, if Mr. Muramatsu is the No.1 flute maker in Japan, I will be No.1 in the world.” His uncle, who heard Koichiro's words, suggested to Koichiro, “You should go to TANE FLUTE today.” It was after that day, his flute life began.